90 Days with Peter

We are pleased to announce that our newest book is up and for sale. 90 Days with Peter by Joseph Carlson is a devotional commentary in which that works through the first and second letters of the Apostle Peter, explaining and applying it as he goes.

It is designed to be read over the course of 90 days, with one reading for every day. Each entry is small enough to be finished easily and quickly, but is also deep enough to be meditated upon and remembered throughout the day. You can get a Kindle Version or an Ebook Version in our store. Or you can get it for the Kindle through Amazon or for the Nook through Barnes and Nobles.

Pick up your copy today.

Rethinking Family

A series of 12 sermons and lectures on the nature of marriage and family life by Jason Farley, Rethinking Family will help you do just that, rethink what the Bible has to teach us about the nature and mission that God gave to the family.

Lecture Titles:

The Mission of the Family Part 1
The Mission of the Family Part 2
The Mission of the Family Part 3
The Mission of the Family Part 4
Trinitarian Families
Created For Fellowship
Restoring Fellowship
Raising Children by Faith
Parenting like God the Father
Building Loyalty
The Family Must Die to Live

The Lay of Creation

We are very excited to have our first book published and available for purchase. The Lay of Creation, by Joseph Carlson, is a poetic retelling of how the world was made, highlighting the themes of redemption set into its very foundation. We here at Jovial Press absolutely love this book and are sure that you will love it too. Get you copy from us HERE, or through Amazon.